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What Exactly Is Lighting Maintenance and Why Does It Matter

What Exactly Is Lighting Maintenance and Why Does It Matter

Lighting maintenance is much like the maintenance on a car. It’s one of those things that you don’t notice until it’s clear that it hasn’t been done.

You might be able to drive your car for a long time without changing the oil, but the performance will slowly deteriorate and the life of your car’s engine will be significantly reduced. The lighting in your office is the same way. Regular maintenance will help extend it’s life and increase it’s performance.

So what exactly does maintaining your lighting involve and why is it important for your office? Here’s everything you need to know.

What Is Lighting Maintenance?

The lighting in your office is extremely important to the appearance and feel of the space. LIghting maintenance is what helps keep the space clean and well-lit. Simply put, it is the regular upkeep, cleaning, replacement and updating of the lighting system in your office building.

Cleaning light fixtures, changing out burned out bulbs, making sure all the lighting colors match and look cohesive – it’s a big job for homeowners. But for building owners and managers? It’s nearly impossible to keep track of all of that on your own. It’s not just the inside lights. There are the lights in the foyers, exterior lights near the doors, street lamps in the parking lot or parking garage, and more. Maintaining all of these lights is a full time job all on it’s own.

In addition to replacing and cleaning light fixtures, maintenance for lighting involves cleaning ceiling fans and light covers and replacing bulbs and ballasts. Fortunately, many commercial cleaning companies perform maintenance on lighting as part of their services.

Why Does Lighting Maintenance Matter?

Proper lighting in any work environment is important. Poor lighting can contribute to depression, headaches, lower productivity, fewer sales for retail businesses, and increased workplace incidents. Putting in any old lightbulb isn’t the answer though. Light fixtures need to be clean and up-to-date and the bulbs should be consistent with the type of work being done in the building.

Maintaining exterior lighting is equally important. Neglecting outdoor lighting can lead to increased concerns for safety and office security, so it’s vital to keep an eye on exterior lights and make sure they are functioning properly. A well-lit parking lot and office space is less likely to be the location of a crime or the scene of a break-in.

Town & Country Office Cleaning Is Here

Lighting maintenance is a full time job, and takes a lot of expertise to execute properly. Town & Country Office Cleaning is here to take that task off your plate so you are free to deal with other demands. We offer a full range of commercial cleaning services including: carpet and floor care, window cleaning, ordering stock and consumables like paper towels and soap, day porter services, and handyman services. We also offer extras like a recycling program and power washing. We serve commercial clients in San Jose, California, and the surrounding area. Contact us today to get started!