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Stop Making Your Employees Clean Your Office and Do This Instead

Stop Making Your Employees Clean Your Office and Do This Instead

You need someone to clean your office, there’s no doubt about that, but making your employees do it isn’t the best policy.

Not only are they not trained in proper office cleaning protocols, asking them to spend time cleaning the office detracts from the time they have to devote to their actual work. It’s 2021. Can we all agree that there are better ways to get the office clean? Here’s what to do instead.

Why Clean Your Office?

Did you know a clean office leads to more productive employees? An office that isn’t cleaned often is more likely to accumulate germs and bacteria, leading to increased sick days and lower productivity. There’s also a significant decrease in clutter when you clean your office, which is proven to lead to more productive work.

More than productivity, a clean office is about the health and safety of your employees. In a world where COVID-19 and other viruses and germs are everywhere, regular disinfecting and sanitization are absolutely essential. The CDC has issued guidelines for cleaning office buildings every day and when an employee is sick, and there’s a good chance your employees aren’t up to the task.

There’s also the matter of your reputation. The first thing clients and visitors notice when they walk into an uncleaned office is dirt, grime, and carpet stains. That’s not the impression you’re hoping to leave. A clean and organized space, on the other hand, is a good look for any business.

Enlist an Office Cleaning Professional

Instead of asking your employees to clean the office and hoping they do it properly, enlist the help of an office cleaning professional. They have the proper equipment and cleaning supplies to clean thoroughly and effectively. In addition to cleaning workspaces, office cleaning companies will usually clean the floors, scrub the windows, replace lightbulbs, clean the kitchen and bathroom, and make sure you never run out of toilet paper or paper towels again.

Professional office cleaners have the right tools and supplies, yes. But they also have the knowledge and skills to clean faster and more efficiently than untrained employees. A professional could clean circles around your employees, so why have them waste their time on something that someone else could do better and faster?

You have enough on your plate, and your employees do too. Hire a professional office cleaning company to handle the nitty-gritty of office cleaning so you can focus on what’s more important – the success of your business.

Call Town & Country Office Cleaning

If you’re looking for ways to clean your office, call Town & Country Office Cleaning! Our professional staff is fully licensed, insured, and experienced in keeping offices clean and germ-free. Our services include custom office cleaning, complete window cleaning, janitorial services, floor and carpet care, lighting maintenance, handyman services, and more. We serve commercial clients in San Jose, California, and in the neighboring cities. Contact Town & Country Office Cleaning today for all of your commercial janitorial needs!