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Say Goodbye to Germs: Expert Tips to Keep Your Office Clean

Say Goodbye to Germs Expert Tips to Keep Your Office Clean

Keeping your office clean and tidy can make all the difference in how you and your coworkers feel while at work.

After all, aside from your home, the office is the place where you spend a majority of your life. Let’s take a look at a few professional tips to ensure your business is safe and sanitary.

Why Worry About a Clean Office?

A happy worker is a productive worker. A clean office can significantly improve your employees’ health and satisfaction with their physical work environment, and boost efficiency.

A clean office is also key to impressing clients and visitors. We’ve all had the experience of walking into an office that’s cluttered, dirty and foul-smelling. It certainly isn’t inviting. That’s not the impression you want to give to your customers, so follow these tips to keep your office clean and sparkling.

Expert Tips to Keep Your Office Clean

You’re sold on the need for a clean office, but how do you keep such a large and busy space germ-free? Follow our expert tips and you’ll see a transformation overnight.

  • Organize desks – line up desks and cubicles in a clear, organized way with plenty of room to move through easily. If your desks don’t fit well, it might be time for a bigger office or smaller furniture.
  • Declutter – throw out or file old papers and encourage your employees to clean up their desk areas. Clean desktops will elevate the look and feel of the entire office. If you’re looking for more ways to declutter the office, there are some great ideas here.
  • Don’t forget the computers – computer keyboards, phones and other technology get a lot of use and are an easy place for germs to accumulate. Don’t forget to clean and sanitize them regularly.
  • Pay special attention to the floors and windows – a deep clean of floors and windows is one of the quickest ways to transform your office from dank and dirty to sparkly clean. Floors should be cleaned daily and windows at least once a month.
  • Focus on the details – don’t ignore cracks, crevices and corners. When not cleaned properly and regularly, these spots that should be unnoticeable can quickly become an eyesore.
  • Empty trash and recycling regularly – to keep clutter down, each employee should have their own waste bin. Empty them daily to avoid rotten smells and garbage build up.
  • Keep it smelling fresh and clean – even the cleanest of offices can feel grimy in the presence of foul odors. Air fresheners are a must for keeping an office smelling as clean as it looks, but be careful not to go overboard. Keep the scents light and airy and avoid overpowering smells.
  • Hire professional cleaners – a deep clean every week is absolutely essential to maintaining a clean, germ-free office. Most office workers don’t have the time or skills to spend hours cleaning each week. Hiring professional cleaners is the perfect way to keep your employees focusing on work.

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