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How to Keep Your Office Drinking Fountains Germ-Free

How to Keep Your Office Drinking Fountains Germ-Free

Drinking fountains are a staple in office buildings, schools, and other public buildings because they’re so accessible.

They get frequent use from guests, customers, and employees, and without the proper cleaning they can easily become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

This guide will walk you through the steps of keeping your office drinking fountains clean and germ-free for all to enjoy.

Daily Sanitization

The number one most important step to cleaning a drinking fountain is daily sanitization. At least once a day, spray any and all fountains in your office down with sanitizing spray and wipe it thoroughly, or use sanitizing wipes. Place extra focus on the mouthpiece, but don’t neglect the push button, the bowl, and the sides of the water fountain.

Sanitizing efforts should be increased during flu season and other times of illness, and especially now during the age of COVID-19. Once a day is a minimum, but depending on the frequency of use for your drinking fountain, you might find more frequent sanitizing is required.

Weekly Deep Clean

Germ-free drinking fountains require more than just daily sanitizing. A deep clean once a week is essential to thoroughly disinfect them and remove any grime and bacteria that builds up over time. The steps for deep cleaning a drinking fountain can vary, depending on what supplies you have on hand and what approach you choose to take, but here’s a standard method:

  • Use hot water and a clean cloth to wipe down the entire fountain, including the mouthpiece.
  • Apply a small amount of bleach to the mouthpiece and bowl of the water fountain. Spread it over all the surfaces and allow it to sit for 5 minutes to kill bacteria.
  • Use a soft-bristle brush to scrub the fountain, especially areas with calcium buildup.
  • Wash the entire fountain again with hot water and a clean cloth to remove the bleach and any grime that was dislodged with the brush.
  • Pour a bucket of clean, hot water over the top of the fountain to ensure all traces of bleach are washed away. Then dry the fountain with a clean, dry cloth.

Consider Hiring a Professional

Maintaining an office is a lot of work, and there’s a lot of pressure to provide a clean and safe workspace for your employees. You also want any visitors or customers to feel safe in your office. Hiring a professional office cleaner is a great way to keep your office sparkling and free from germs and bacteria, all while taking the massive task of cleaning off of your to-do list. Professional cleaners have all the tools and supplies to disinfect and sanitize your drinking fountains and every other space in your office.

Town & Country Office Cleaning Can Help

At Town & Country Office Cleaning, we know that maintaining a clean office is important to you. We provide top notch professional cleaning services to our clients so you can say goodbye to grimy drinking fountains and hello to a germ-free office. We offer a full scope of office cleaning including window washing, floor maintenance, daily cleanings, handyman services and more. We serve clients in San Jose, California. Contact us today to get started!