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How Often Should You Clean Your Office Windows? 

The appearance of your office windows says a lot about how your business operates, and dirty windows don’t send the right message. 

Imagine pulling into a business’s parking lot and finding it littered with trash or covered in leaves and debris. Then you glance up at the building and notice that the windows are filthy, the front door is covered in fingerprints and grime, and the lightbulbs have burned out. Not many people would be eager to enter that building, let alone do business with the companies inside.

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Regular office window maintenance is key to keeping your building looking top-notch. Spotless windows indicate to guests and potential clients that your office runs smoothly, is well maintained, and is on top of business. On the other hand, grimy windows might be scaring away business.

It’s clear that cleaning the windows in your office building is important. But how often should it be done? Here’s everything you need to know about how often to have a professional office window cleaner tackle your windows. 

Determining How Often To Clean Office Windows

There’s no “one-size-fits-all” approach to cleaning office windows. Every office building is different, and several factors determine how often they need to be cleaned. However, here are some guidelines you can use to determine an appropriate cleaning schedule.

  • Location – The physical location of your building plays a significant role in how often your windows need to be cleaned. Offices that are close to busy roads or freeways will require more frequent cleaning. The same is true for offices with heavy foot traffic on the sidewalks.
  • Weather – It’s no surprise that lousy weather typically means you need to wash your windows more often. Office buildings located in areas with frequent storms will need more maintenance than those with fewer weather events. Wind, rain, and snow leave dirt deposits on windows that leave windows looking dirty and grimy.
  • Landscape – Much like the physical location and weather, the landscaping around your building will impact how frequently office window maintenance needs to be done. Regular window cleaning will need to be done if your office is near dirt fields, sand pits, or many types of trees.
  • Structure – The architectural design of your building can influence how often your office windows need cleaning. Inset windows, for example, are prone to collecting dust and dirt and need to be cleaned more frequently. 
  • Foot Traffic – The number of people entering your building on a day-to-day basis will also impact cleaning frequency. Busier buildings need to be serviced more, while establishments with fewer visitors and employees can usually go longer between cleanings. 

Type of Business

The type of business that operates in your building will also impact how frequently your office window maintenance will be required. Different types of businesses have different requirements, schedules, and types of windows. Here’s a look at some window cleaning frequency recommendations for various types of businesses.


Restaurants tend to be filled with grease and moisture, so windows in buildings with restaurants need more frequent cleaning. Professional window cleaning should be done at least once a month but may need to be done more often.

The type of restaurant can also play a role in how often the windows need to be cleaned. Family-friendly restaurants and fast food chains see a lot of small children. This means lots of spills and plenty of fingerprints on windows. Therefore, windows within easy reaching distance should be cleaned daily, with monthly professional cleaning.

Healthcare Facilities

Few places rely on cleanliness, like healthcare facilities. Doctors’ offices, dental practices, hospitals, emergency clinics, and other healthcare buildings are expected to be sparkling clean. A dirty doctor’s office doesn’t instill much confidence in patients and their families. 

Windows in a healthcare building should be cleaned at least once a month, but that schedule may need to be adjusted depending on how well the windows hold up. If you wait to clean the windows until they look dirty, you’ve waited too long. Have them cleaned sooner rather than later to maintain the clean and sterile environment required for healthcare facilities.

Retail Stores

Giving off a good impression to shoppers is critical for getting people to walk into your store and having them come back time and time again. The windows in retail stores are highly visible; if they’re dirty, you can bet that’s the first thing your customers will notice as they walk by.

Retail stores get a good amount of food traffic, so a thorough cleaning every two weeks is a good idea. Don’t neglect spot cleaning. Have the windows touched up daily between cleanings for the best possible appearance of the cleanliness of the window.

Office Buildings

Office buildings usually get away with a little more time between cleanings. A professional office window cleaner should clean the windows about every two months. But keep in mind the factors discussed above, and increase cleanings as needed to adjust for weather, location, foot traffic, landscape, and structure. 

Another important thing to remember for office buildings is that your lobby should receive a little extra attention. This means cleaning windows in the entrance should be done regularly. This will ensure that your office gives a positive first impression to guests, clients, and other visitors.

Trust Town & Country Office Cleaning to Clean Your Office Windows

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