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Everything You Need to Know About Cleaning Office Carpets

Everything You Need to Know About Cleaning Office Carpets

Office carpets deal with a large amount of foot traffic, so they tend to get dirty much faster than the carpet in your home. Carpets in a residential space should be cleaned once or twice a year with daily vacuuming. On the other hand, the floors in your office require much more maintenance.

Here’s a look at everything there is to know about office carpet cleaning, including the best ways to do it and how frequently the job needs to be tackled. 

How Often Should You Clean Your Office Carpets?

Office carpets need to be cleaned and maintained regularly, but that looks different for each office building and business. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach for how often to have office carpet cleaning done, but here are a few factors that will influence your specific carpet cleaning schedule:

  • Color and Style of Carpet – Some types of carpet wear better than others. Light-colored carpet shows dirt easily and needs to be cleaned frequently, while darker carpets can usually go longer between cleanings. Similarly, high-pile carpets tend to get dirty faster than low-pile ones, so they will need to be cleaned more often. 
  • Foot Traffic – The number of people that walk through your office daily will determine how often you need to use an office carpet cleaner. Busy retail spaces or office buildings with a large number of employees won’t be able to last as long without a cleaning.
  • Type of Business – Some offices require more frequent carpet cleaning simply because of the type of business. The following types of commercial spaces need to be cleaned more often than standard office buildings: restaurants, medical facilities, retail stores, and schools.

You should generally clean office carpets in high-traffic areas like lobbies once a month. Medium-traffic places like administrative offices require cleaning every two to three months, and you can clean low-traffic areas like conference rooms twice a year. 

Taking Care of Office Carpet Between Cleanings

There’s nothing more frustrating than noticing spills or dirty footprints on freshly cleaned carpet. You can’t avoid all accidents, but you can take steps between your professional carpet cleaning to keep your office carpets looking better for longer. Here’s a look at some ways to take care of your carpet between cleanings.

  • Allow the carpets to dry fully after cleaning. Nothing will get clean carpets dirty again like walking on them when they’re still wet. Try to schedule your carpet cleanings over the weekend or other times when people will be out of the office. This gives the carpet more time to dry before it gets walked on again fully. 
  • Clean up spills immediately. This will help minimize staining and make spot cleaning easier.
  • Vacuum every day. This is one of the most accessible and most affordable ways to keep dirt from accumulating on your carpet. Make sure you’re using the right vacuum for your type of carpet, and vacuum in every direction. You can vacuum low-traffic areas like conference rooms weekly, but daily vacuuming in other areas is a must.
  • Spot clean when needed. Sometimes spots appear without our knowledge, but it’s important to clean these spots as soon as you notice them. Use a commercial office carpet cleaner and follow the instructions to clean the affected area.

DIY Office Carpet Cleaning

The most effective way to clean the carpets in your office is to hire a professional. It takes a lot of time, specialized tools, and knowledge to properly clean office carpets. Most office managers and building owners already have plenty on their plates, so why add another difficult task to your to-do list?

A professional cleaning company has the appropriate office carpet cleaner, the right machines, and the knowledge to clean your carpets thoroughly and effectively. Professional cleaners will clean, deodorize, and sanitize your carpets to keep them looking better for longer. But if you want to try cleaning your office carpet on your own, here are a few tricks to try.

  • Use a spot-cleaning solution to clean especially dirty areas. Rinse-free cleaning solutions tend to be the easiest to use, and they’re usually very effective. Keep a bottle of the solution handy, so it’s easy to grab when you see a stain. Just wet the spot thoroughly with the cleaner and blot with a clean cloth until the stain is lifted.
  • Sprinkle odorous carpet with baking soda to remove odors. Apply the baking soda evenly to the carpeted area and allow it to sit for 30 minutes to an hour. Then, simply vacuum up the baking soda entirely and say goodbye to the nasty odors.
  • Have carpet brooms handy. You might not want to leave your vacuums out for anyone in your office to use, but having your employees clean as they go can extend your carpets’ life. Carpet brooms are handy for this. Have a few in break rooms and other convenient areas so it’s easy to clean up after making a mess.

Town & Country Office Cleaning Can Help

The best way to keep your office a safe place for your employees is to have your office carpets cleaned at least once a year. If it’s time to have the floors in your office professionally cleaned, Town & Country Office Cleaning can help!

For over 40 years, the trusted and skilled Town & Country Office Cleaning cleaners have provided exceptional office cleaning and janitorial services to businesses in San Jose, California.

We offer a full range of commercial property maintenance services, such as cleaning break rooms, bathroom facilities, reception areas, office spaces, and more. We’re happy to clean your carpets, wash walls and ceilings, and provide any other cleaning services your office needs. 

We understand that maintaining clean carpets for your office can be time-consuming. That’s why we’re here to help. Our professional and courteous staff will work hard to keep your office sparkling clean all year long. Contact us today to get started!