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Easy Ways to Keep Your Office Carpet Clean

Easy Ways to Keep Your Office Carpet Clean

Carpeting is easily the hardest thing to keep cleaning in an office environment. So, why should you consider hiring a professional office cleaning service? 

The office carpet cleaning process is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to keeping your workplace clean. However, it might be the most important. Because carpet is a minefield of fibers that attract and harbor dirt, it needs a bit more attention to keep it nice and clean. 

Before we dive into the easy ways you can keep your office carpet clean, let’s discuss why you should be mindful of how clean your carpet is. 

  • Carpet will attract greasy residue, dust, grime, and dirt – foot traffic will naturally bring in particles from outside that will set up camp in the fibers. Over time, the dirt will “lock in” and become increasingly more difficult to remove and even become a permanent part of your carpet. 
  • Rocks, pebbles, and sandy particles – when grainy bits are tracked in from outside, it can cause damage to your carpet. Every time you walk, sit, or stand on your carpet, they will grind on the fibers of your carpet, further damaging your carpet and filling it with germs.
  • Germs – fibers are a haven for pollutants such as bacteria, fungi, chemicals, tar, and cigarette smoke residue, which can become a health hazard. This is especially bad for those who suffer from allergies, rhinitis, asthma, and eczema. Carpets can become 4,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat, so regular maintenance is king to keeping everyone healthy.
  • Carpets can get extra heavy with dirt – a dirty carpet can hold as much as four times its weight in dirt. Your carpet is a catch-all for dust, dust mites, dead skin cells, dirt, pet hair, mold, bacteria, and organic insect compounds. 
  • The five-second rule should never apply – you may think that your carpets are not that dirty, but when you think about what lies beneath the carpet surface, the five-second should not apply since your food is coming in contact with those contaminants. Perhaps dropped morsels should be left to feed the garbage can, not your tummy. 
  • The dreaded Norovirus – this virus causes symptoms that are similar to the common stomach flu or food poisoning, and no one wants that. It can survive in carpet fibers and become airborne when someone walks across it. 

Now that you have dirty carpet facts to mull over, here are some things you can do to keep your office carpet clean. 

We recommend finding a company that knows what they are doing and cares about the cleanliness of your office environment. But here are some things you can do yourself to keep your office carpets clean. 

Vacuum regularly. 

I know it sounds like a no-brainer, but vacuuming regularly (every other day) is crucial to keep your office’s carpet clean. Invest in a good vacuum, and use it often. It sounds simple, but it is a chore that can make a big difference but may be overlooked in an office environment. 

Deep cleaning. 

Although vacuuming will remove at least 80 percent of dirt and debris from your office carpet, you’ll want to do a deep cleaning about four times a year to get your carpets ultra clean. This will remove some of the stubborn particles that regular cleaning can’t tackle. 

Get an area rug. 

These are ideally placed in major entrances to your office. High-traffic areas get the most dirt and grime tracked into the building from shoes and are transported to your carpeted areas. In addition, a rug is much easier to clean because it is removable. 

Don’t let stains fester. Get to them fast. 

Spills will happen, and when they do, it is best to take care of them immediately. Not only will this help preserve the quality of your carpet, but it will make it look nice when potential customers visit your business. 

Have designated areas for food and drinks. 

It is not uncommon for employees to grab lunch and eat it at their desks. This will often lead to crumbs sneaking onto the desk and, ultimately, onto the carpet. If you have an inviting and comfortable area for employees to have lunch, crumbs will not become an issue in the office. These designated areas should also not even have carpet but should be tiled, allowing easier clean-up if someone spills their food. 

Choose the correct type of carpet. 

Carpet is carpet. Right? Wrong. The carpet in an office will be different from that typically found in a home. A workplace environment is usually a place where people keep their shoes on. And there will always be heavy traffic of people walking around to different locations within the building. Choosing a neutral color will help with stain cleaning, and the shorter the length of the fibers, the easier it is to keep them clean. 

When you are thinking about office carpets, create a maintenance plan. 

First, map out your office space. Then, give yourself a realistic maintenance schedule. Be aware of where the low- and high-traffic areas are and how much time you’ll need to designate to keep these areas clean. Once this is done, it will be easier to figure out how often each area will need to be cleaned. 

The bottom line. 

Let’s put clean carpets at the top of the list for creating a welcoming office environment. Your flooring is the most used “item” in the workplace. You and your employees will traipse across it daily. Unfortunately, more dirt will travel to and fro on your carpeted areas. 

However, you’re really busy, making it difficult for you to keep clean carpets at the top of your mind. This is where the magic of office carpet cleaning services comes into play. If you are looking for more information on how to lighten your cleaning load, contact Town & Country Office Cleaning today.