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Best Practices to Keep Your Office Clean During COVID-19

Best Practices to Keep Your Office Clean During COVID-19

As an employer or office manager, it is your responsibility to keep your office clean and make sure it’s a safe work environment at all times.

COVID-19 has amplified this responsibility and made us all more aware of the cleanliness (or lack of it) of the areas where we spend our time.

While many offices and employees are working remotely during this time, others need to be on-site to complete their work. You can keep your office clean by following these practices, whether your office is at full capacity or only has a few employees present.

Follow CDC Guidelines

The Center for Disease and Control (CDC) has released a thorough set of guidelines for cleaning and sanitizing work spaces and offices. You can read the entire guide at the link above, but here are some of the highlights:

  • Any area that is unoccupied for 7 or more days only needs routine cleaning
  • Clean any visibly dirty areas with soap and water before disinfecting
  • Prioritize disinfecting high-touch-point areas
  • Use an Environmental Protection Agency approved disinfectant that is effective against COVID-19
  • Disinfect at least daily, as long as the office is occupied
  • Practice frequent hand washing, mask wearing, social distancing and staying home if you are sick
  • Wear disposable gloves when cleaning and disinfecting, and always wash hands after removing gloves

If An Employee Tests Positive for COVID-19

It’s one thing to keep your office clean when everyone is healthy, but if an employee who has been at work recently tests positive for COVID-19, enhanced cleaning measures are required. The CDC recommends the following course of action for these circumstances:

  • Completely close off any areas used by the sick person as soon as you learn about the sickness or positive test results
  • Open doors and windows to allow outside airflow for at least 24 hours prior to disinfecting
  • Clean and thoroughly disinfect the sick person’s workspace and areas of contact such as bathrooms and any other shared facilities
  • Wait until the office is empty to vacuum
  • Do not deactivate central HVAC systems
  • Once an area is fully disinfected, it can be used again

Keep Sanitizers and Disinfectants at the Ready

Some employees may feel nervous at the idea of working in the office again. You can take extra precautionary measures to help them feel more comfortable. This includes keeping virus-killing hand sanitizers at the ready, as well as disinfecting wipes. When these supplies are available, employees are able to help keep their own work spaces clean and frequently disinfected.

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