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6 Tools You Need to Clean Your Office Windows

6 tools you need to clean your office windows
6 tools you need to clean your office windows

Office cleaning should include your windows, which aren’t as easy to clean as you might think. Without the right tools, you could be left with a streaky mess that looks worse than when you started. 

That’s why having the right office cleaning tools is so important when you clean your windows. They’ll ensure spotless windows that everyone will enjoy looking through! 

Keep reading to learn what tools you need to clean your office windows so they’re shiny and streak-free. 

Tools You’ll Need

To get started with cleaning your office windows, you’ll need some basic supplies, including:

  • Bucket – You’ll want a super bucket, not the round ones you can find at most dollar stores. Those round buckets will work for at-home window cleaning but not office-scale windows. We recommend getting a super-sized bucket that can hold six gallons.
  • Cleaning and Polishing Cloths – Part of why windows can be left streaky after cleaning is from using the wrong kinds of cleaning and polishing cloths. Paper towels are notorious for causing streaks. Instead, you’ll want to use cloth glass and polishing cloths. Microfiber is your best option.
  • Scraper – Some debris can be challenging to get off windows, making scrapers an essential supply. We recommend getting scrapers that come with refills so that they last longer.
  • Brushes – Don’t forget that office cleaning includes the window tracks and grooves around the window. Those tracks and grooves can get just as dirty as the window pane itself, making it essential to clean them as often as you clean your windows.

    Microfiber cloths and scrapers aren’t your best tools for this part of your window. We recommend using brushes. Your best bet is to get a kit with multiple sizes and styles, as this will allow you to clean the tracks and grooves without complication thoroughly.
  • Washer – You’ll apply your cleaning solution to your washer, the tool you’ll use to clean the windows. Also called scrubbers, this tool comes in various sizes, so you can find the right fit, no matter what type or size of window you have.

    When purchasing washers for your office cleaning, pay attention to the different types of sleeves and T-bars to find what’s suitable for your windows.
  • Squeegee – Squeegees are professional window-washing tools that ensure your windows are dry without a cloud or smudge. Without a squeegee, you might deal with streaks on your windows. Just be sure to replace the rubber blade if you notice cracks or nicks, as this diminishes the effectiveness of the squeegee. 

While these are your essential window-cleaning tools, there are more tools to help with high-rise properties with hard-to-reach windows. 

  • Water-fed pole – These super-long poles come with a brush at the top. There’s a tube in the pole that water gets shot up through, allowing the brush to stay wet while cleaning. After the water-fed pole does its job, you’ll rinse the cleaned area with purified water.
  • Extension pole – If a water-fed pole doesn’t work for your windows, we recommend an extension pole to which you can attach your brush or cleaning tool. Pick an extension pole with a long adjustment range to customize it for your windows.
  • Double-sided cleaner – This type of cleaner is specifically for high-rise apartments and condominiums but could also work for your office if it has a similar building design. It’s perfect for keeping your office windows clean between professional cleanings.
  • U-shaped pole – If your windows are in hard-to-reach places, you’ll want this pole. The U shape is ideal for those easy-to-miss spots you want to be kept clean! 

Tips and Tricks

Now that we’ve gone over what essentials you’ll need to clean your office windows, let’s go over some tips and tricks the professionals use to get that sparkling shine.

Get the Right Equipment

We can’t express this enough! Although it might be tempting to go with the cheaper options, they aren’t as quality and could break, compromising your safety and potentially breaking your windows. 

Use the Right Cleaning Solutions

You’ll want to use the proper cleaning solutions to avoid those streaks. If you make your own, it’s a good idea to stick with simple ingredients. Combine two cups of distilled water with ¼ cup vinegar and ½ teaspoon of all-natural dish soap. 

Once you’re finished cleaning, rinse off the windows with more distilled water. And be sure to use distilled water since it doesn’t have any minerals and won’t leave spots on your windows.

While more potent chemicals might seem like the best idea to clean your office, simple solutions often work best. They won’t injure the surface structure of your window panes. 

Clean on a Cloudy Day

While it might make more sense to clean your windows when it’s bright and sunny, it’s more logical to clean on a cloudy day since the sun won’t shine and dry your windows before you finish cleaning them. 

Additionally, cleaning your windows on a sunny day can damage the glass on your windows. If you’re using cold water on a hot day, your windows could crack. So, always clean on a cloudy day!

Use Your Scraper First

While it’s very satisfying to wash your windows, starting with the scraper is important to remove the dirt and dust that the cleaning solution would only spread around, making your job more difficult. 

When using your scraper, ensure that the blade is flat against the window so it doesn’t rub the glass; this will allow you to remove the dirt, especially on heavily-soiled windows more effectively. 

Call Town & Country Office Cleaning Today

While following these steps is a surefire way to ensure clean windows for everyone to enjoy, it is a lot of work. But the good news is that you can keep your office cleaning up-to-date without spending all your time on it! 

The professionals at Town & Country Office Cleaning in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area are experts at cleaning office windows and come with all the tools and equipment necessary to get your windows sparkling clean. Our office cleaning services are sure to make your life easier. Contact us today for your free quote