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5 Tips for Maintaining Clean Carpets in Your Office

5 Tips for Maintaining Clean Carpets in Your Office

Clean carpets are indicative of a clean office. We repeat. There’s no such thing as a clean office without a clean carpet.

On the other hand, dirty and stained office carpets give the wrong impression to clients, visitors, and employees. Especially in the age of COVID-19, it’s important that every person who steps foot in your office feels safe, and that starts with a clean environment.

Our 5 tips for maintaining clean carpets will help your office floors send the right message.

1. Regular Vacuuming

Vacuuming your office carpets daily or at least 2-3 times per week, depending on use, will improve the look of your office and extend the life of your carpets. It’s a simple and very effective way to maintain clean carpets. Focus on high-traffic areas, but don’t ignore the lesser used sections. Dirt, dust, and grime collect in your carpets every single day. Vacuuming them up helps your carpets breath and helps prevent discoloration.

2. Spot Cleaning

Nothing makes carpets look worse than stains. Spot cleaning should be done as soon as possible after a spill happens or the stain appears. Stains that aren’t treated immediately are much more likely to become a long-term eyesore in your office. We recommend keeping a stain remover on hand at all times. For reference, here are some of the most highly recommended stain removers on the market.

3. Entrance Rugs

A majority of the dirt and filth that finds its way into your office carpets are tracked in from staff and guests coming and going. Placing bristled rugs or cleaning mats at the entrance doors will help scrape away and trap dirt before it has the chance to reach your carpets. Rugs are inexpensive and easy to remove for cleaning or replace altogether. Placing rugs at the entrance is a great way to maintain clean carpets in your office.

4. Periodic Deep Cleaning

Spot cleaning and vacuuming are great treatments for maintaining your carpets in between deep cleans, but they shouldn’t be a replacement for it. Carpets should be shampooed a couple of times a year, about every 6 months. Dry powder and foam can also be used as a dry alternative to shampooing.

5. Work With a Cleaning Professional

The carpet in your office is an investment worth protecting. While basic vacuuming and some minor cleaning can be done on your own, it’s time consuming and not always as effective as you would hope. An office cleaning company can help keep your carpets and your entire office clean, saving you time and manpower. The professionals have the right tools, the best products, and the proper training to keep the carpets in your office clean around the clock.

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