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5 Health Benefits of Commercial Carpet Cleaning

5 Health Benefits of Commercial Carpet Cleaning

A simple way to improve health in the workplace is through commercial carpet cleaning. Even if the floors are kept relatively clean, they can still make a good incubator for bad health. With improper maintenance, dirty carpets can negatively impact the health of your employees.

Carpets are a small and nearly unnoticeable portion of the workspace. The uniform patterns often span the entire office space, individual sections indistinguishable from the whole. When the floor is cared for, it is usually only with the routine sweep of a vacuum that hasn’t been emptied in the last five days or had its filter cleaned in the previous five months.

It is easy to overlook such an unremarkable part of our workspace, but ignoring your carpets for too long can cost your company.

Sullied carpets can contribute to bad allergies, bug infestations, and poor mental health. A semi-annual deep clean can help keep your office looking and feeling fresh and contribute positively to your company’s mission.

How commercial carpet cleaning can help allergies

There is never a dull moment at work. Each hall and office is part of a hive of activity, with employees running to and from meetings, mingling in the hallway, and heading home after a long day. Your carpets take a heavy beating with all the foot traffic.

Company employees aren’t the only ones coming and going. The pet hair and dander from the assistant supervisor’s cat come in at the same time the assistant supervisor does, riding her blazer like a hitchhiker and falling off when she arrives in the office.

Additionally, the wind and countless shoes coming and going from the outside track in pollen and other organic particles that keep causing your neighbor the next room over to break out sneezing.

Neglecting to purge your carpet of these allergens thoroughly can irritate allergies. Pollen and dander don’t simply drop to the carpet and stay; workers will kick them up as they tread and scuffle about their day-to-day tasks.

-A smaller vacuum may be able to pick up the bigger particles. Still, every particle it picks up launches another in the air to cause more trouble for workplace productivity.

Fighting bug infestations

Lots of little critters make themselves at home in the workplace. It seems that no matter how strong the foundation is or how thick the walls, armies of bugs still make their way into the office.

A thorough cleaning every few months can help keep bugs at bay. There will be fewer organic particles, like dead skin, food crumbs, or other dead bugs, to feed on. Starved of their food, many bugs won’t be able to live well or prosper as much.

The biggest culprit of bug problems in the office is the dust mite. This microscopic creature makes its home among the forest of fabric that makes up your carpet floor. These bugs are responsible for creating waste and material that triggers dust allergies.

A hard scrub using water and soap can cleanse your space free of undesirable critters.

Mold in the corners

You probably don’t often think of health hazards like mold. In humid or damp environments, mold, mildew, and other fungi can form and release spores that cause health problems in the workplace. Regular cleaning of your carpets can help keep your workplace free of the potential health hazards of mold.

Fungi are microscopic organisms that take a while to make a difference, but once their numbers are strong, they can be hard to contain.

Reducing indoor pollutants

Just like the filters in your car, carpet can trap pollutants making it more dirty and dangerous as time progresses.

Years of light cleaning can allow harmful pollutants like lead, radon, and other particles to get trapped in your carpet. This could be a good thing at first. More pollutants in your carpet mean fewer pollutants in the air.

The issue comes when the carpet in your workplace becomes oversaturated in pollutants. As employees carry out day-to-day operations, their stomping and walking across carpeted surfaces release these harmful particles back into the air.

The particles released into the air from these pollutants can create physical symptoms like headaches, coughs, and congestion. While dirty carpets aren’t singlehandedly going to have your employees taking mass sick days, a carpet oversaturated in pollutants isn’t going to help those already struggling with allergies and illness.

A solid scrubbing by a heavy-duty carpet cleaner can help detach these particles from your carpet and wash them away to where they will do no more harm.

Improved mental health

It is becoming more important for employers to provide an environment to foster creativity and reinforce good mental health.

Some people respond negatively to clutter and messiness. Everything from the stains on the carpet to spots on the wall may create a chaotic and depressing environment, negatively impacting mental health.

Deep cleaning your carpets can help improve the working environment of yourself and your employees. Your workers will no longer speculate about the origin of a particularly unsightly stain or feel that they are just working a dead-end job in a run-down building.

Happy and healthy workers are productive workers. Maintaining a clean carpet through regular deep cleans can help support this reality, helping your workers feel more comfortable and much more productive at work.

Cleaner Carpets from Town & Country Office Cleaning

Our commercial carpet cleaning service aims to scrub every corner of your office clean so that you don’t have to worry about any of the negative impacts of dirty carpet on health.

A regular office cleaning feels like going to the dentist. It may seem like an inconvenience, but in the end, you feel much more positive and refreshed than you did before.

Town & Country Office Cleaning is your work space’s dentist. We go deep into the fabric to remove undesirable debris from your carpet and clean out all the corners your custodians have likely missed.

Contact us to deep clean your office!